Texas Girl Born in Prison to Attend Harvard University

An 18-year-old girl from Texas who was born in prison is set to attend Harvard University in the fall. Aurora Sky Castner was born in Galveston County Jail after her mother was sentenced to jail when she was pregnant.

Castner grew up in foster care and a group home, but she excelled in school. She graduated third in her class at Conroe High School, where she was a member of the National Honor Society and the debate team.

Castner was accepted to Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. She plans to study law and social justice.

Castner’s story is an inspiration to anyone who has faced adversity. She has overcome a difficult childhood to achieve her dreams. She is a role model for all young people who are trying to succeed in life.

In her application to Harvard, Castner wrote about her experiences growing up in foster care. She said that she was often bullied and discriminated against because of her background. However, she said that she never gave up on her dreams.

“I knew that I wanted to go to college and make a difference in the world,” Castner wrote. “I didn’t let my circumstances define me.”

Castner is grateful for the support of her mentors and teachers. She said that they helped her to believe in herself and to achieve her goals.

“I couldn’t have done it without them,” Castner said. “They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

Castner’s story is a testament to the power of education and the importance of never giving up on your dreams. She is an inspiration to us all.

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