Megyn Kelly Drops Bombshell About the Obamas

Speculation is circulating about the Biden Administration, as President Joe Biden appears unfit for office. At 80 years old, Biden is the oldest president in US history and would be 82 at the start of his next term and 86 at the end of it. High-profile political commentators and former politicians, including former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, have suggested that Biden cannot possibly be making important decisions. Political commentator Megyn Kelly suggested that former president Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama may be running the show, with many people believing the Obamas are already running the government and controlling the situation.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician for both Obama and Trump, has suggested that Biden is suffering from age-related dementia based on his constant mental lapses and public gaffes. Former President Barack Obama once suggested that he would help in a “third term” if there was a “stand-in” or “front man” who had an earpiece. He explained that he would be fine with that arrangement because he found the work fascinating and professional.

Megyn Kelly responded that many Americans don’t support Michelle’s agenda for the country because they don’t like America. Michelle Obama famously said she was “really proud” of her country for the first time when Barack was running for president. Kelly mocked Michelle for saying she only stopped straightening her hair because she was worried that Americans weren’t ready for a Black woman with natural hair to be living in the White House. Kelly slammed the former first lady by saying that it’s the same country that made Oprah Winfrey an absolute billionaire, and she has no faith in the goodness of Americans.

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