House Republican Says He’s Filing Impeachment Resolution Against Biden For ‘Prostitution’ – Among Other Charges

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) said he will file an impeachment resolution against President Joe Biden on Friday for several charges, including his alleged “involvement in drugs and prostitution.”

Republicans have accused Biden of rampant corruption, going so far as to allege he took bribes while serving as vice president. They alleged Biden was part of nefarious schemes involving his son Hunter Biden, who traded off the family name. In testimony to Congress last week, the younger Biden’s former business partner told lawmakers Hunter would sometimes put Joe on speakerphone during meetings. The witness said he never heard the elder Biden discuss business, but that Hunter’s proximity to his father sent a powerful message.

Republicans have yet to furnish proof that Joe Biden engaged in corruption.

During an appearance on Thursday’s Rob Schmitt Tonight on Newsmax, Steube nevertheless threw the kitchen sink at the president.

“Tomorrow, I intend on filing an impeachment resolution on Joe Biden for bribery, for extortion, obstruction of justice, fraud, financial involvement in drugs and prostitution,” he declared. “We have all the facts and evidence now. In the beginning of this Congress, Republicans wanted to make sure that we did the investigations, that we got the information before the American people.”

Steube referenced Hunter Biden’s laptop, whose contents were made public after it was abandoned at a Delaware computer repair store. A repairman made public the contents of the hard drive, which showed Hunter Biden doing drugs and engaging in sexual activity – among other pastimes.

“For all the things you just mentioned. bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice, fraud, financial involvement in drugs and prostitution – and you’re saying you have the receipts?” guest host David Harris Jr. asked. “You have the proof?”

Steube replied he will provide the alleged proof in a press release tomorrow.

The congressman appears to be more gung-ho about impeachment than Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who two weeks ago teased a possible impeachment inquiry into the president at some future date. At no point did McCarthy speak of drugs or prostitution as part of that process.

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