Finland Driver Fined $129,544 for Speeding

A driver in Finland has been fined a staggering $129,544 for speeding. Anders Wiklof, 76, was caught driving at 82 kilometers per hour (51 miles per hour) in a 50 kilometer per hour (31 miles per hour) zone.

Wiklof’s fine is so high because Finland’s speeding fines are based on a driver’s income. The more money a driver makes, the higher the fine. Wiklof is a wealthy businessman, so his fine was correspondingly high.

Wiklof has said that he is “deeply sorry” for speeding and that he will never do it again. He has also said that he will pay the fine, even though it is a large amount of money.

Wiklof’s case has drawn attention to Finland’s strict speeding laws. Finland has a reputation for being a tough country when it comes to traffic violations. In addition to high fines, drivers can also have their licenses suspended or even revoked for speeding.

The Finnish government says that its strict speeding laws are necessary to reduce traffic accidents. Finland has one of the lowest traffic fatality rates in the world, and the government believes that its strict laws are a major factor in this.

Wiklof’s case is a reminder that even wealthy people are not immune to Finland’s strict speeding laws. If you are planning on driving in Finland, be sure to obey the speed limit.

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