This Detail Could Be Melania Trump’s ‘Last Straw’ Before Divorcing Donald Trump, Claims Expert

Melania Trump has been silent on Donald Trump’s legal woes, leading to suspicions of a possible divorce. Relationship expert Louella Alderson suggests that Trump’s arrest may be the last straw, as the strain caused by his ongoing legal woes and his election campaign may be too much for any spouse to bear.

The couple doesn’t spend much time together, and there have been numerous reports that paint them as having a strained relationship. Trump’s legal battles surrounding his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels while married to Melania make it difficult to say whether Melania Trump will decide to divorce him.

Alderson speculates that Melania may have been hesitant to separate from her son during his presidency, as she may have felt that divorcing him during his time in office would have been too much of a distraction and could have negative implications for his reputation as President. It has been speculated that Melania is living apart from her husband, a move Alderson says could be part of a move to dissolve their marriage without actually seeking a divorce.

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