Donald Trump Posted Over 30 Unhinged Truth Social Messages That Blame Everyone But Himself for His Legal Woes

Donald Trump’s handling of his four indictments can be seen in the 31 videos he posted on Truth Social in five hours on Thursday. Trump ranted about everyone from President Joe Biden to Fox News, holding everyone but himself accountable.

The videos appear to be scripted and read from a Teleprompter, and Trump seemed prepared to deliver his message, even if many of the topics were unhinged. The videos could have been more effective if spread out instead of being blasted all at once.

Trump opted out of the first Republican Party debate last week and claimed that the Fox News event was “one of the lowest-rated ever.” However, it didn’t work, as Trump feels empowered by his loyal voters to say that the election was stolen and these criminal charges are a “witch hunt.”

Trump’s message is being relayed in a less-than-effective way, as he sees his business and political empire crumbling before him and insults everyone around him instead of understanding that he’s the one who got himself here.

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