Donald Trump Posted Over 30 Unhinged Truth Social Messages That Blame Everyone But Himself for His Legal Woes

Donald Trump’s handling of his four indictments can be seen in the 31 videos he posted on Truth Social in five hours on Thursday. Trump ranted about everyone from President Joe Biden to Fox News, holding everyone but himself accountable. The videos appear to be scripted and read from a Teleprompter, and Trump seemed prepared … Read more

Business Loans for Small Businesses: Fueling Growth and Success

Running a small business comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, having access to the right financial resources is crucial. This is where business loans for small businesses step in, offering the necessary funds to propel growth and navigate through various stages of development. … Read more

The 10 U.S. cities where a $100,000 salary goes the furthest

Signing a contract for a six-figure contract used to allow Americans to feel as though they had made it. But now, $100,000 salary only goes so far — and its worth varies from city to city.  Across major U.S. cities, $100,000 can be worth as much as $86,444 and as little as $35,791, a recent SmartAsset study finds. The study compares … Read more

The 10 most expensive cities for expats outside the U.S. — Hong Kong is No. 1

For those looking to leave the U.S., pursuing life as an expatriate is often an appealing option.  That’s especially true for those living in pricey locales, such as New York City or San Francisco, where the cost of living remains persistently high. In fact, New York continues to be the most expensive city in North America, ranking … Read more

New York is the worst city to launch your career—see which other places made the list

New york

New York City is undoubtedly a popular destination for recent college graduates as they transition into the professional world. A bustling city home to exciting restaurants and a diverse array of people, NYC offers postgrads an exciting new home.  Yet, the city ranks last on the list of best places to start a career in 2023, … Read more


‘The most important financial decision’ of your life—what you need to know about mortgages News about mortgage rates comes out daily. But for most would-be homebuyers, up-to-the-minute financial information might not feel as important as the bigger-picture questions: How do mortgages work? What kind of mortgage is right for me? Will I ever be able … Read more

6 Used Cars To Stay Away From

Buying a used car can be a savvy move if you want a reliable vehicle at an affordable price. However, there are some used cars that aren’t great investments. Purchasing some of these cars means you might be stuck with transmission issues, questionable build quality or experience a higher likelihood of deprecation.  GOBankingRates spoke to several automotive … Read more