118-Year-Old Time Capsule Found in Ohio Fire Station

A time capsule dating back to 1905 was discovered in a fire station in Marion, Ohio, on June 3, 2023. The capsule was found by firefighters who were preparing to demolish the old fire station.

The capsule was sealed in a copper box and buried in the cornerstone of the fire station when it was built in 1905. The box contained a variety of items, including newspapers, photographs, and documents.

The newspapers in the capsule provide a glimpse into life in Marion in 1905. One article reports on the construction of the new fire station, while another reports on a fire that destroyed a local factory.

The photographs in the capsule show members of the Marion Fire Department and their families. One photograph shows the fire department’s first fire truck, a horse-drawn carriage.

The documents in the capsule include a letter from the fire chief at the time, confirming that the cornerstone was laid on July 20, 1905. The letter also includes a list of the names of the firefighters who were present when the cornerstone was laid.

The discovery of the time capsule has sparked a lot of interest in Marion. The fire department has said that it plans to display the items from the capsule in a museum.

The discovery of the time capsule is a reminder of the importance of preserving history. It is also a reminder of the dedication of the firefighters who have served the Marion community for over 100 years.

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