Viral Pic Shows US Pilot Climbing Through Cockpit Window. Here’s Why

A Southwest Airlines pilot was forced to climb through the cockpit window after a passenger accidentally locked the door from the inside. The incident occurred on Wednesday during boarding for a flight from Phoenix to Oakland.

A passenger, identified as Jason Rexroad, tweeted a photo of the pilot squeezing through the window. “Pilot had to climb through the window to get into the cockpit,” Rexroad wrote. “Passenger locked the door from the inside.”

In a statement, Southwest Airlines said that the passenger opened the forward lavatory door and inadvertently pushed the cockpit door closed. The door automatically locks when it is closed.

“One of our Pilots unlocked the door from a Flight Deck window, and the flight departed as scheduled,” the statement said.

The flight was delayed by eight minutes.

The incident is a reminder of the importance of following safety procedures when boarding an aircraft. Passengers should be careful not to open the lavatory door or any other doors that lead to the cockpit.

It is also important to note that the cockpit door is designed to lock from the inside for safety reasons. This prevents unauthorized people from entering the cockpit.

In the event that the cockpit door is locked, the crew has procedures in place to unlock it. In this case, the pilot was able to unlock the door from a window.

This incident is a rare occurrence. However, it is important to be aware of the potential for this type of situation to happen. By following safety procedures, passengers can help to ensure that their flights are safe.

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