Trump’s ‘Lunatic’ Attack On Biden Gets Turned Right Back Against Him

Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Criticizing President Biden

Donald Trump’s recent social media attack on President Joe Biden has drawn criticism, with opponents suggesting that his remarks display an element of projection. The former president has been using his platform to share videos in which he criticizes figures like former President Jimmy Carter and special counsel Jack Smith.

However, Trump’s most intense criticisms have been directed at Biden. He accused Biden of being both bribed and blackmailed, claimed that he could spark World War III, and vowed to hold the entire Biden family accountable.

In one video, Trump referred to Biden as “crooked” and characterized him as not only incompetent but also mentally unstable. He labeled Biden a stark, raving lunatic” and a “mental catastrophe.”

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Although this particular video was initially shared on August 17, it gained significant attention when Trump reposted it on his Truth Social platform and it subsequently circulated on X (formerly Twitter) through attorney Ron Filipkowski.

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