Trump Wants the House to Impeach Biden — Let’s Do It!

Right-wing Republicans, spurred by Donald Trump, are itching to start impeachment proceedings. They may want to be careful what they wish for.

House Republicans are eager to initiate impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, despite not having evidence to support their accusations. The MAGA base is expecting action, as it’s not a high crime or misdemeanor to have a grifter for a son. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is expected to relent and start an impeachment inquiry to get his conservative members to oppose an unpopular government shutdown.

Biden could go full “Dark Brandon” and get Republicans to rush into an impeachment as quickly as possible. However, this idea is unlikely to be what Republicans want right now. The inquiry into the Bidens is being conducted solely on the GOP’s terms, and most other news outlets have found the accusations to be lacking.

The GOP has controlled the narrative by being the only ones talking about this, and as the Trump trials start next year, compelling evidence implicating the former president in various crimes will start sounding stupid to anyone paying attention. If McCarthy skips a floor vote, Republicans can end the “Democrats are weaponizing government” talking point by going after the president for unspecified offenses. If House Republicans impeach Biden without solid evidence, the case will go to the Senate for trial, where Biden will likely be acquitted.

This would not benefit the GOP, as vulnerable Republicans may pay a price at the ballot box in 2024. Biden should goad them into getting things started now, assuming he didn’t commit any illegal acts.

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