Trump Gets Big News, Even Democrats Are Worried

The NBC News national poll reveals that only 14% of registered voters believe President Joe Biden has done a better job than expected, with 42% saying Biden has done a worse job and 44% saying his tenure has gone about as expected. However, 40% say Trump’s presidency was better than expected, with 29% saying it was worse and 31% saying it was about as expected. This lower mark for Trump comes in part from disappointment within his own party, with 52% of Democrats saying his administration has met expectations, 30% saying it has been better than expected, and 18% saying it has been worse. Trump inspires more enthusiastic Republican loyalty, with 80% of his party saying his administration was better than expected and just 6% saying it was worse. Additionally, Trump fares far better than Biden with independent voters, with 38% saying Trump’s administration went better than expected, 43% saying it went as expected, and 18% saying it was worse.

In a recent poll, many respondents expressed their opinions on the economy and the border between Biden and Trump. Some Republicans believed that Biden needed to close the border and take charge, while others cited his age, concerns about his competency, or frustration with the divided country. Some voters in Biden’s base were more sympathetic but frustrated by the lack of action on his part.

Among the 14% who said Biden has done better than expected, many celebrated an improving economy, his handling of the COVID pandemic, his pushback against Trump, and his policies on issues like infrastructure and the environment. The vast majority of Republicans have fond memories of Trump’s time in office and see a mirror image of the current administration. Independents and even Democrats pointed to similar things, largely the economy and immigration, in explaining why they thought Trump’s administration did better than expected.

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