Trump Files 4 Late Night Motions in Mere Hours Over D.C. Election Case

Donald Trump’s legal team filed four motions in a late night frenzy on Monday surrounding the former president’s D.C. case. In one, Trump filed a motion to dismiss his federal 2020 election subversion case, citing First Amendment rights surrounding Trump’s belief the election as stolen and claiming the indictment, “taken as true, violates this core principle.”

The second motion seeks dismissal on statutory grounds, arguing, “The prosecution does not explain how President Trump violated these statutes, beyond simply saying he has while regurgitating the statutory language.”

In the third motion, the defendant asks Judge Chutkan to take out from his indictment “repeated references to the actions of independent actors at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

They say that Trump is not responsible for the actions at the Capitol and that the accusations about these actions are unfair and hurtful. The fourth saw Trump request dismissal “on the basis of selective and vindictive prosecution.”

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