The World Needs President Trump Now More Than Ever | Opinion

The recent attacks on Israel by Hamas terrorists have led to a popular meme featuring former President Donald Trump in a Batman-esque bat signal with the line: “The entire world right now.” Under Trump, “peace through strength” was a governing imperative, as the good guys would retreat when the United States was weak or perceived as weak.

Trump also knew that by putting America First, our allies and adversaries would understand that he meant business. This kept the bad guys in check and allowed the world to enjoy relative peace, stability, and prosperity. However, President Joe Biden, who put America Last, rejected the moral and practical necessity of American strength and embraced feeble irresolution.

He projected constant weakness, equivocation, ineptitude, and moral bankruptcy, resulting in an explosion of global instability, increased adventurism from existential threats like China and Iran, hot wars in Ukraine and Israel, and the advance of anti-American and anti-freedom forces around the world. Biden’s catastrophic performance is a major reason why a competitive Republican primary hasn’t materialised. Trump remains so dominant that his lead in the RealClearPolitics polling average has not dipped below 20% since April. No candidate has been able to successfully break through, despite two Trump-less debates.

Voters are not looking for worthless chatter or a rehash of tired, counterproductive policies; they want America First policies that improve their lives, keep them safe, and protect America’s superpower status. Only one candidate has a stellar record of delivering all of that as president: Trump. With tax cuts, regulatory relief, energy independence, and fairer trade deals, Trump delivered a thriving economy with record-low unemployment, significant wage gains, little to no inflation, and a manufacturing boom.

He essentially solved illegal immigration, enforced the border, delivered law and order, smashed ISIS, took on China, and ushered in a workable peace in the Middle East. Biden’s radical policies have created staggering problems, such as inflationary spending making the typical American family $7,300 poorer, approving 8 million illegal immigrants crossing the southern border, bringing tsunamis of dangerous drugs and crime, collapse of once-great cities, and three different American bases under attack in the Middle East.

A recent Bloomberg News poll found that the majority of all voters trust Trump over Biden to handle issues such as the economy, immigration, crime, the war in Ukraine, and U.S.-China relations. It looks increasingly likely that we may be headed for a 2020 redux with two candidates, both of whom have been president but only one of whom has delivered a booming economy, enforced border, and world peace.

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