‘The Whole Thing Is A Fake!’ Trump Refuses to Say He’ll Comply With Judge’s Order in Jan 6 Case

Asked by a reporter at the Iowa State Fair whether he plans to comply with a federal judge’s protective order and warning, Donald Trump on Saturday refused to commit. Although when he was asked later about a plea deal he was definitively a “no.”

Republican candidates were on the ground at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday to make their pitches in the critical early primary state, and there were some unusual moments, including rapping and trolling from above.

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Trump’s walkthrough was captured in a livestream by RSBN, during which he was asked questions periodically by reporters and devoted fans alike.

On Friday, the federal judge in the January 6 case against Trump, Tanya Chutkan issued a protective order covering sharing of “sensitive” materials that largely favored Trump’s legal team’s position. She also issued a warning to Trump about “inflammatory” statements.

A reporter in Iowa asked Trump if he’s going to cooperate, and Trump didn’t say he would, but did blame President Joe Biden for it.

“Do you plan to comply with the judge’s order governing the latest indictment?” the reporter asked.

“We’ll have to take a look at the order,” said Trump. “The whole thing is a fake. it was put out by Biden. And they put it out because they can’t win an election the fair way.”

“It’s all called election interference,” he said. “Biden put it out because he can’t win the fair way. He’s way down in the polls.”

The reporter then asked whether it was Trump’s intent in 2020 to overturn the results and got a pointed response.

Trump was much more definitive, though, when asked about a plea deal in the election interference case in Georgia, which goes before a grand jury next week and could result in a fourth indictment for the ex-president.

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