Winery worker who told CNN he saw DA Fani Willis pay cash offers to testify

Prosecutors are moving to admit Stan Brody’s affidavit into evidence, which claims that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis paid cash when she visited Napa Valley with special prosecutor Nathan Wade in 2023. The affidavit supports part of Willis’ earlier testimony, and prosecutors want Judge Scott McAfee to accept Brody’s affidavit into evidence.

If Brody is not accepted, they ask for Brody to testify in person. Former President Donald Trump and other co-defendants argue that Willis should be disqualified because she benefited financially from her romantic relationship with Wade, who was hired in 2021 to spearhead the prosecution. Willis testified that she and Wade split expenses when they went on vacations together, but said there were few records of those payments because she often used cash.

Willis’ father also testified that Willis often used cash, especially when traveling, when he testified as a witness for the state. Both sides will make their final arguments before Judge McAfee on whether Willis should be disqualified, but Brody has left the door open for new evidence to be introduced.

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