New Hampshire’s primary hasn’t even finished, but Republican Senate and campaign chairs are already calling Trump the ‘presumptive nominee’

The Iowa Caucuses in mid-January marked the start of the primary season for the Republican Party, with former President Donald Trump being dubbed as the “presumptive nominee.” Republican Congressional Committee chair Richard Hudson and Senate Committee chair Steve Daines emphasized the importance of uniting behind Trump to defeat Joe Biden, take back the Senate, and hold the House. Both chairs emphasized the need for Republican voters to unite behind Trump, urging them to kick Joe Biden out of office and get the country back on track.

Despite several months of scheduled primary races, Trump has already amassed endorsements from the GOP congressional caucus and maintains a significant lead over Haley in national and statewide polls. Haley’s best chance of becoming the Republican nominee is to remain in the primary race and secure as many delegates as possible to present herself as the best possible replacement for Trump in the event of his dropping out of the race.

Despite his strong lead in polls, Trump has not shown any indication of stepping aside anytime soon, continuing to campaign across the country.

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