MAGA Republicans Can’t Agree on Demands for McCarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces significant challenges in resolving disagreements among MAGA Republicans on social media. With a slim nine-seat majority, Republicans are working towards a spending bill to keep the government running when the current funding deadline passes. However, there is considerable disagreement over the terms of the bill. McCarthy is widely suspected to have endorsed an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden recently in an effort to win over MAGA Republicans on spending matters.

Several MAGA Republicans have expressed their demands for Speaker McCarthy, including single-subject spending bills, term limits, balanced budget amendments, full release of J6 tapes, and stopping spending money at COVID/Biden levels. Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida has also taken issue with a CR proposed by fellow Florida congressman Byron Donalds, which he claims would not lump too many agencies into a single vote and allow for continued funding of investigations of special counsel Jack Smith, which he characterized as “election interference” against former President Donald Trump. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has also taken issue with Donalds’ assertion that his CR would not include any funding for Ukraine aid.

Gaetz has threatened McCarthy with daily motions to vacate him from the office of the Speaker should he not meet his demands and characterized his impeachment endorsement as merely “a baby step.”

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