MAGA Fans Slammed For Launching GoFundMe To Help Billionaire Donald Trump Pay $355M Fine

Donald Trump’s supporters are raising money to offset a $355 million fine imposed on him in the New York civil fraud trial. A GoFundMe page was launched on his behalf, aiming to show loyalty to Trump and other MAGA supporters. The page, “Stand with Trump; Fund the $335M Unjust Judgement,” raised over $63,000 from over 1700 donors within 21 hours of its creation. Some donations ranged in smaller values between $5 and $100, while others went the extra mile by donating above $1000.

The GoFundMe page was launched by Elena Cardone, the wife of real estate investor Grant Cardone. She stated that the fund’s main purpose is to show loyalty to Trump and other MAGA supporters, showing that when one of us is targeted for championing the values that make America great, he does not stand alone. Elena’s husband took to X, formerly Twitter, to slam the “unjust” judgement and ask people to donate to the fund. He added that any amount is welcome, and 100% of the funds will be forwarded to the Trump Organisation for his defence of this ridiculous judgement.

However, several users criticised the fundraising gesture, claiming it violated the rules of GoFundMe. Some users noted that the Trump family is made up of billionaires who should be the ones raising the funds, while others criticised Trump’s claim of being a billionaire. Donald Trump is scheduled to return to court next month for allegedly paying hush money to two women, Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, during his 2016 presidential campaign. The trial, dubbed the Stormy Daniels trial, aims to determine if Trump can be on the ballot for the upcoming election later this year.

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