Joe Biden leaves the room cringing again as he has disaster live on stage

The 80-year-old Democrat suffered yet another embarrassing moment as fears intensify over his age and ability to run for another White House term.

Joe Biden, the 80-year-old Democrat, has been embroiled in a series of verbal blunders as critics increasingly question his ability to run for another White House term. The latest embarrassing moment occurred during a speech to Pacific Island leaders at a White House forum on Monday. Biden got completely stumped as he tried to dictate the abbreviation of his administration’s Pacific Islands Infrastructure Initiative.

He announced that they are working with Congress to invest £32 billion in the initiative. Biden met with Pacific Island leaders to listen to their concerns about the impact of climate change on their region and announced new US aid to help the island prepare for its effects. It is widely known that Biden suffered a speech impediment as a child, and the latest fumble from the commander-in-chief will likely only fuel questions about his age and if he is fit to lead the country for a second term. Last week, Biden appeared to wander off stage at the UN after forgetting to shake hands with Brazil’s President Lula, who looked visibly annoyed.

The awkward move came after the meeting got off to a bumpy start when the 80-year-old bumbled into a seven-foot Brazilian flag as he approached the podium. Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, 77, looked irate during the remarks and while he spoke, Biden fumbled with his headset being used for translation. Biden has now come under furious attack from a Washington-based foreign policy expert, Nile Gardiner, who claimed that Biden is “sinking faster than the Titanic” and is an “increasing embarrassment for the US on the world stage.” Gardiner told Daily Express US that Biden is increasingly coming across as out of his mind and deeply out of touch with the American people, and now facing calls for his impeachment on Capitol Hill.

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