Handwritten Ad By Steve Jobs For Apple-1 Computer Sells For ₹ 1.4 Crore

The advertisement is signed in lowercase letters with Mr Jobs’ full name, “Steven Jobs.” The phone number and address of his parents’ house, which served as the Apple Computer Company’s first headquarters.

A handwritten advertisement by Apple Founder Steve Jobs for the Apple-1 Computer was recently auctioned for $175,759. The advertisement includes two polaroid photos of the working prototype and is signed with Steve Jobs’ full name. It lists his parents’ address, which served as Apple Computer Company’s first headquarters, along with contact details.

The advertisement, titled “Apple Computer-1,” outlines technical specifications for the Apple-1, including its microprocessor options and features. Jobs also mentioned an upcoming “basic” feature that never materialized for the Apple-1 but did for the Apple 2.

The advertisement’s specifications match the original Apple-1 advertisement from 1976, marking the beginning of Apple’s journey into becoming a globally influential company.

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