Google’s AI search to now show related videos

San Francisco, Google has announced new updates to the AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE), which includes related videos within AI-powered overviews.

With SGE, users can quickly get up to speed on a new topic, uncover quick tips for their specific questions or discover products and things to consider, the tech giant said in a blogpost on Wednesday.

“Sometimes, it’s more powerful to understand something by seeing it– so we recently brought images to even more AI-powered overviews.”

For instance, when someone searches for something like “tiniest birds of prey,” they will quickly be able to reference what the bird looks like and get relevant information from the web.

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Over the next week, users will also start to see videos within some overviews where it will be helpful to see something in motion, such as a demonstration of a yoga pose, or how to get stains out of marble.

Moreover, the company made a major improvement in SGE that reduces the time

it takes to generate AI overviews by half.

To help you better understand how recent the information is from the web pages, the tech giant also added publish dates to links.

“As we’ve shared, in this experience, Search ads will continue to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page,” Google said.

Users can find and test out this experiment in Search Labs in the Google app on Android and iOS, or on Chrome desktop.

Talking about SGE, CEO Sundar Pichai said in Alphabet’s latest earnings call, “it really gives us a chance to, now, not always be constrained in the way Search was working before, allowed us to think outside the box.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week, in an internal email sent to employees, the company had said that it was working on “supercharged” Assistant powered by generative AI technologies, similar to those that power ChatGPT and Bard.

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