Dwayne Johnson shares message of support for ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ singer Oliver Anthony

Unknown artist’s country song rose to the top of the charts in the US

Dwayne Johnson has conveyed his support for Oliver Anthony, the singer behind the controversial chart-topping song “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

Anthony’s track recently achieved No. 1 on the Billboard music charts, marking a remarkable feat for an artist who was previously unknown in that realm. However, the song’s lyrics generated controversy, with some listeners finding them offensive and fatphobic.

While the song garnered endorsements from prominent Republican figures, Anthony has disclaimed any political alignment and stated that the song’s meaning was misconstrued.

On Instagram, Anthony displayed two screenshots from his Spotify account, illustrating a rapid surge in listeners. The first screenshot showed his monthly listeners at a mere 374, while the second depicted a count surpassing 4 million.

In his post, Anthony expressed his enthusiasm at reaching 300 listeners initially and conveyed his deep gratitude to everyone who engaged with his music. Responding to Anthony’s post, Dwayne Johnson, known for his role in “Red Notice,” commended him for his handling of fame and influence with grace and kindness. Johnson encouraged Anthony to keep excelling.

In light of the song’s mention during a Republican presidential debate, Anthony shared a video statement. He found humor in the fact that the song was brought up during the debate, especially since it was written about the people on the stage and more. He clarified that “Rich Men North of Richmond” goes beyond Joe Biden and that attempts to align him with any political group should cease.

The song has faced criticism, particularly for a line that criticizes individuals on welfare. Anthony sings about people on the streets without enough to eat, juxtaposing them with the obese who are reliant on welfare. This lyric has been a focal point of the song’s critique.

In 2022, Dwayne Johnson addressed speculation about his potential presidential candidacy in the upcoming election.

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