Donald Trump Gets ‘Jarring’ News in New Hampshire Results.

Marc A. Thiessen, a former speechwriter, said that Donald Trump’s results in the New Hampshire primary were “jarring.” Trump beat Nikki Haley, former UN ambassador and governor of South Carolina, by just over 11 percentage points. This is similar to the race between George H.W. Bush and Pat Buchanan in 1992. Newsweek asked Trump’s spokesperson for a comment.

Dozens of news outlets called Trump’s win in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday night, making it his second early election win after his win in the Iowa caucuses. In a speech, Trump criticized Haley, who is his only opponent in the Republican primary race right now. Trump said Haley was giving a speech as if she had already won, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stopped running for office after losing in Iowa.

After his win in New Hampshire, Trump told Fox News Digital that he was “honored” and excited to run against Joe Biden, whom he called “the worst president in the history of our country.” He also said that he thinks Haley should stop her campaign because if she doesn’t, we’ll have to waste money on something other than Biden, who is our main goal. Haley put up a video of her speech on Election Night on X, which used to be Twitter, and said she would only go to South Carolina.

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