Donald Trump and Republicans should be worried about the New Hampshire GOP exit poll.

The Granite State voters in the Republican primary are thinking about Trump and Nikki Haley, who used to be the governor of South Carolina and was an ambassador to the UN. According to an exit poll by CBS News, 47% of GOP primary voters think Trump would not be fit to be president if he were found guilty of a crime in one of his four trials. In every case, Trump has said he is innocent and has pleaded not guilty to all charges. But 50% think he would still be able to serve if he was found guilty. [Trump]

Trump voters were less likely than Haley voters to think that a conviction would make him unfit. Trump voters believed he would remain fit to serve if found guilty, while only 12% of Haley voters shared the same belief. A big part of Haley’s campaign message was for independent voters who chose to vote in the Republican primary.

According to political experts, the felony charges against Trump have helped Republicans unite behind the former president in the primary. Haley has tried to win over more traditional conservatives and independent voters by criticizing Trump more and more. For example, she has asked if Trump should be the nominee because of his age. Attacking Haley as a “RINO” has helped Trump get more support from conservative Republicans.

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