Bradley Cooper Not “Freaked Out” by Irina Shayk’s Romance with Tom Brady

Bradley Cooper is reportedly not “freaked out” by his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk’s new romance with Tom Brady.

A source told Koimoi that Cooper is “happy for Irina” and “knows she was going to meet someone eventually.” The source added that Cooper is “not worried” about Brady and Shayk’s relationship and “trusts that she will make the right decisions for herself.”

Cooper and Shayk dated for five years and share a daughter, Lea. They broke up in 2019, but they have remained amicable. In fact, Cooper was even seen attending a soccer game with Shayk and Lea in 2020.

Brady and Shayk were first seen together in October 2022. They have been spotted out together several times since then, and they were recently seen vacationing together in Italy.

A source told People that Brady and Shayk are “having fun” and “not putting any pressure on things.” The source added that they are “taking things slow” and “seeing where things go.”

It is unclear if Brady and Shayk are officially dating, but it seems that Cooper is not bothered by their relationship. He is reportedly happy for Shayk and trusts that she will make the right decisions for herself.

Some people have speculated that Cooper may be jealous of Brady, but the source told Koimoi that this is not the case. The source said that Cooper is “mature enough” to handle Shayk dating someone else, and he is “not going to let his ego get in the way of her happiness.”

It is refreshing to see that Cooper is so supportive of Shayk. It shows that he is a true gentleman and that he truly cares about her. It is also a good sign for Brady and Shayk’s relationship, as it means that they have Cooper’s blessing.

Only time will tell if Brady and Shayk will become a serious couple, but it is clear that Cooper is not going to stand in their way. He is happy for Shayk and trusts that she will make the right decisions for herself.

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