Biden mocks ‘great real-estate’ developer Trump who ‘didn’t build a damn thing’ at Labor Day rally.

President Biden criticized former Commander in Chief Donald Trump as a “great real estate” developer who “didn’t build a damn thing.” Biden criticized Trump, who is the head of a New York City real-estate dynasty and the architect of the country’s controversial border wall with Mexico. He praised Trump’s infrastructure efforts, stating that infrastructure means a decade and is a headline. Biden also mentioned that $10 billion has been committed to Pennsylvania so far from the federal government’s 2021 bipartisan infrastructure law. Trump, 77, is seeking a rematch against Biden in next year’s election after narrow swing-state defeats for him in 2020.

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Biden claimed that Trump exported US jobs to China during his tenure, even though Trump made opposing offshoring, tariffing Chinese goods, and “decoupling” from China major parts of his economic agenda. He said that when the last guy was here, you were shipping jobs to China. Now we’re bringing jobs home from China. We saved millions of pensions with your help.” Biden also criticized Trump for looking at the world from Park Avenue, comparing it to Scranton, Pa., and Claymont, Del.

He also claimed that Trump looked at the world from Park Avenue. As Biden continued to draw contrasts with Trump, he claimed being called “Middle Class Joe” was an insult. Biden defended himself, saying that being middle-class doesn’t mean he’s not sophisticated but that he works hard and knows what his family has to work like hell to make it. The 2024 GOP presidential campaign is expected to focus heavily on the Biden family’s receipt of millions of dollars from shady business partners in countries such as China, Russia, and Ukraine during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

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