Students Skipping School In Saudi Arabia Can Put Parents At Risk Of Jail

This action aims to enhance the quality education in the upcoming academic year.

Parents in Saudi Arabia could potentially face imprisonment if their children are absent from school for 20 days without a valid reason, as stipulated by the country’s Child Protection Law. The aim of this measure is to enhance the quality of education in the upcoming academic year. According to the Gulf News, if a student is absent without a legitimate excuse for 20 days, their guardian could be investigated by the public prosecution under the Child Protection Law. If the parent’s negligence is proven, a judge could impose an appropriate jail sentence.

This initiative is part of a broader effort to ensure optimal education in the new academic year. The legal process against the guardian involves several stages. The school principal must report the case to the relevant education department, which initiates an inquiry. Subsequently, the Education Ministry takes over the proceedings, followed by a family care department that evaluates the student’s testimony to ascertain the cause of absence. If necessary, the guardian may undergo an inquiry by the prosecution before the case goes to court.

Gulf News reported that over 6 million students in Saudi Arabia have returned to school after a two-month summer break. The Saudi Ministry of Education has also approved the inclusion of new subjects like earth sciences, space, and event management in the secondary school curriculum.

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