Mitch McConnell Under Fire After Reported Trump-Driven Flip on Border Bill

According to Donald Trump, individuals who contribute to Nikki Haley’s 2024 presidential campaign will face blacklisting. This comes after the former governor of South Carolina said she had raised $1 million in donations since losing the New Hampshire GOP primary. Trump made fun of Haley, who was his White House U.N. ambassador, and called her a “humiliating public loss” in both the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary. Haley was expected to have a great chance of beating Trump in the GOP primary in New Hampshire, but she lost by 11 points.[Mitch McConnell]

There have been rumors that Haley might drop out of the race, but she says she is still focused on winning the primary on February 24 in her home state of South Carolina. Haley said in North Charleston that she had raised $1 million since the night before in New Hampshire. Trump slammed Haley for her credentials and said he would ban anyone who helped her campaign in 2024.

Even though the next race is in Nevada on February 6, Haley said she is looking forward to the South Carolina primary. The GOP will run the Nevada caucus and distribute the delegates there. Trump is running there. During his victory speech in New Hampshire, Trump made fun of Haley for being on the Nevada primary ballots instead of the caucus ballots.[Mitch McConnell]

Donald Trump plans to ban anyone from working with Nikki Haley’s 2024 campaign due to accusations of making false claims, derogatory comments, and public embarrassment. Haley doesn’t care about these threats; she’s still focused on winning the South Carolina primary on February 24.[Mitch McConnell]

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