Melania Trump Becoming First Lady Again Would Be ‘the Most Tragic Thing for Our Country,’ Says Former Aide

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, author of the 2020 book, Melania and Me, has expressed her belief that having Melania Trump back in the White House would be detrimental to the country. She stated that Trump, 53, never wanted to be first lady in the first place and that it doesn’t matter if she is present or not. She also stated that Trump would have “a lot more freedom” now since her son, Barron, will be 18 years old in March.

Wolkoff also stated that Trump will never speak out about her husband’s sexual assault allegations. She believes that Trump’s easy-to-use words, such as independence and grace, are empty words and that Trump becoming the first lady again would be “the most tragic thing for our country.”

Melania Trump is rarely spotted with her husband, Donald Trump, who believes that his wife will be more present on the campaign trail. Trump rely on her for advice and believes that she will be very active in the sense of being active. Donald Trump joined his wife at the funeral for her late mother and explained why she is usually not seen at rallies or events.

Donald Trump declared that his wife is beloved by many and that she is a private person, great person, confident person, and loves the country very much. He also stated that his wife will be more “active” on the campaign trail.

Wolkoff emphasized that while Trump can act like a damsel in distress, she has stood by him because she is just like him. She knew exactly who she married and warned him that all his secrets would come out if he ran for president.

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