Las Vegas Family Claims to See Aliens After Several Report Something Falling from Sky

A Las Vegas family is claiming to have seen aliens after several people reported seeing something falling from the sky in the area.

The family, who asked to remain anonymous, said they were in their backyard on April 30 when they saw a bright light streak across the sky and then crash into their neighbor’s yard.

“We all saw it,” said the family’s father. “It was a big, bright light, and it just came out of nowhere.”

The family said they went to investigate, and they found a large crater in their neighbor’s yard. They also said they saw two tall, humanoid figures standing near the crater.

“They were tall and thin, and they had big heads,” said the family’s mother. “They looked like aliens.”

The family said they were scared and ran back to their house. They called 911, but police said they found no evidence of aliens.

However, several other people in the area reported seeing something falling from the sky around the same time. A police officer working in the area also caught a glimpse of a bright object on his body camera.

The American Meteor Society has confirmed that a meteor did enter the Earth’s atmosphere on April 30, but it is not clear if the meteor is related to the family’s alien sighting.

The family’s story has sparked a lot of interest, and many people are now wondering if aliens are really visiting Earth. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the family’s claims.

Until more information is available, it is impossible to say for sure what the family saw on April 30. However, their story has certainly captured the imagination of many people around the world.

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