Jim Jordan Can’t Escape ‘Disdain’ From His Republican Colleagues

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan may have permanently damaged his standing with the GOP if he manages to get elected as House speaker, according to a political expert. Jordan has failed in two attempts to replace Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker, as he couldn’t get enough support from House Republicans to get the 217 votes needed on the floor. There is no clear indication the MAGA congressman will be able to flip enough defectors to back him in future votes.

Several GOP lawmakers have come out and said they have no intention of voting for the hardline congressman to become speaker, with others condemning the apparent strong-arm intimidation tactics from Jordan and his allies used to get them to back him for the position, which is second in line for the presidency. Jordan condemned the “abhorrent” threats made against House Republicans who didn’t support him, including alleged “credible” death threats against Iowa Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks and anonymous calls and texts sent to the wife of Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska.

David B. Cohen, a professor of political science at the University of Akron in Ohio, suggested that even if Jordan manages to get the near unanimous backing of House Republicans needed to get the 217 votes, it’s unlikely he will be able to heal the fractures within the GOP. He described Jordan as a political “show horse” because of his failure to get any bills passed or approved during his 16-year congressional career.

There is expected to be a third House speaker vote on Friday, with Jordan meeting with some of the 20-odd Republicans who have already said they won’t back him. Several are still indicating they will not change their minds.

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