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Trump Claims He Made a $75 Million Oil Purchase That Never Happened, Fact Check Shows

Former President Donald Trump claimed on Wednesday that he made a $75 million oil purchase that would help to lower

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South Carolina Senator Tim Scott Praised for Leaving ‘The View’ Host Speechless with Undeniable Facts

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott earned praise from conservatives on social media after he left a "The View" host speechless

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Administration Takes Credit for Sending Migrants to California

The Florida governor's office admitted on Tuesday that it was behind the recent migrant relocation flights to California. Until now,

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Fox News Host Claims She Was Asked to Leave Restaurant for Praying Over Food

Fox News host Jesse Watters claimed on his show on Tuesday that he and his family were asked to leave

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Republican House Leader Faces Calls to Resign After Son’s Nazi Salute Photo

A Republican House leader is facing calls to resign after a photo of his son giving a Nazi salute surfaced

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Ron DeSantis Loses Big in Court as Judge Issues Scathing Ruling on His Anti-Trans Healthcare Law

A federal judge on Friday issued a scathing ruling against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' anti-transgender healthcare law, calling it "an

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