How did we get here? The dumbing of America, from Reagan to Trump and beyond

Brian Karem, a White House correspondent, argues that the press is failing us by dividing itself into teams of social cheerleaders and booing the opposition. The news is filled with wind destruction, Hurricane Idalia, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s motionless appearance. The president, Joe Biden, has lent assistance to Hawaii and met with international leaders.

The current political division and reporting began with Ronald Reagan, who both lied to the press and set out to destroy it. Social media has accelerated the slide, with people hiding behind anonymous handles and trolls. The press’s inherent stupidity has led to chaos and confusion, with fewer companies owning most corporate media and fewer independent news platforms.

The press’s inexperience in reporting and the press’s reliance on partisan rhetoric have contributed to this confusion. Donald Trump faces 91 felony charges in four different jurisdictions, and his criminal activity has caused suffering for millions. The press’s inexperience in reporting and reporting has led to a lack of accountability and accountability for those who hold power.

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