Fani Willis Testimony Suddenly Halted

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ testimony in her disqualification hearing ended early after the state opted not to question her. Willis is facing potential disqualification after attorneys representing former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants in her Georgia election interference case raised concerns about her romantic relationship with a lawyer she placed on the case, Nathan Wade. The former president has pleaded not guilty to all 13 charges against him and said the case is politically motivated.

Willis is leading the prosecution of Trump, but attorneys representing Michael Roman, a co-defendant in the case, are seeking to disqualify Willis from the case over her relationship with Wade, alleging the pair benefited financially from taxpayers’ money. Willis has denied any wrongdoing.

During Thursday’s testimony, Willis rejected the idea that she engaged in misconduct by having a relationship with Wade, accusing prosecutors of being “intrusive into people’s personal lives.” She also accused Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, of lying about the details of the relationship.

Willis’ investigation into the former president focused on his call to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in which the former president asked him to find enough votes to tilt the election in his favor. She had admitted to having a personal relationship with Wade, but she has argued it is not grounds to disqualify her from the Trump case.

The court is expected to hear testimony from Terrence Bradley, Wade’s business partner, who was also his divorce attorney. If Willis is removed from the case, the case against Trump would not be dismissed; instead, another district attorney, or potentially Attorney General Christopher M. Carr, a Republican, could take over the prosecution.

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