Fani Willis and prosecutor subpoenaed to testify about relationship allegations

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor working on the racketeering case against former President Donald Trump and others, have been subpoenaed to answer questions at a hearing next month about allegations of an improper romantic relationship. The subpoenas were issued on behalf of Michael Roman, who was indicted alongside Trump in August and is seeking to have the charges against him dismissed. Roman served as director of election day operations for Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign and faces seven counts related to what Fulton County prosecutors alleged was a scheme to overturn the results of Georgia’s presidential election.

The hearing was set to address Roman’s request to dismiss the charges against him on the grounds that the prosecution is “invalid and unconstitutional,” as well as the allegations of misconduct between Willis and Wade. Willis hired Wade to assist with the case against Trump and his co-defendants, and Roman claimed that the two prosecutors benefited financially from the arrangement. Roman also claimed that Wade had taken Willis on a vacation and received more than $650,000 from the district attorney’s office.

Willis had been set to testify in Wade’s divorce proceedings on Wednesday, but the judge overseeing that case indicated that Wade and his estranged wife Jocelyn Wade had reached a temporary agreement to settle their differences. The judge has given Willis’ office until Feb. 2 to respond to the allegations.

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