Attorney Who Successfully Prosecuted Trump Shares ‘Playbook’ to Defeat Him

Tristan Snell, an attorney who led the prosecution in Trump’s first major legal loss, has outlined a “playbook” for holding the former president accountable for his current charges. Trump is facing four criminal indictments at state and federal levels, adding up to 91 criminal charges that are the first ever leveled against a former president. Trump has pleaded not guilty to all of them, claiming they are the result of a politically motivated scheme to harm his reelection prospects. Many observers have surmised that Trump’s primary legal strategy is to delay the four cases as long as possible, so as to potentially retake the White House in November and use the power of the presidency to have the cases dismissed.

Snell, a former New York assistant attorney general who previously helped lead the cases against Trump University, believes that the Trump University prosecution can be used as a playbook for the current cases against the former president, despite “pessimism” from many that he will never “face justice.” The strategy for defeating Trump calls for fearless leadership, a resolute refusal to give in to Trump’s counterattacks and diversions, a thorough and persistent investigation, and a commitment to shrewd communication not only with the media and the general public but also in court filings.

Snell noted that the “playbook may seem simple, but in practice it requires exceptional discipline and dedication to playing the long game, grinding it out, and eventually wearing Trump down. He added that brave opponents must stand firm and stick to their arguments and evidence, avoiding any distractions.

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